slow down your busy mind and 

find the space to thrive




Sometimes it seems like our life isn't our own any more. You may have all the trappings of success, all the symbols of a good life but you feel empty inside.

Your body may be exhausted yet your mind isn't listening, and you know something in your life isn't quite right, you just know that you're tired of how things are right now. 

Does it feel like life is happening to you? Let's get together and talk about how life is actually coming through you...

Let's look at how your life can feel better, let's make things feel simpler for you. You CAN fall in love with your life again.

Let's look at how...

Danielle Birittella

Conversations with Neeta always leave me feeling open, clear and light. It's always remarkable to me how even when I start a session feeling anxiety or frustration, she almost effortlessly leads me to a place of ease, simplicity and a sense of true direction. Neeta's guidance has been applied across the board in my life: work, love, creativity, I am so grateful for my time with her because it is a touchpoint that brings me back to stillness and effortless purposefulness. She's a gift!

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