Get Unstuck

21 Days to End Procrastination and Overthinking and Get it Done

It's time to get out of your head and into action.

Maybe you lack the confidence to start but thinking about it is taking up way too much headspace and it's not getting you anywhere.

So, what is that ONE THING - that if you could get it done, move through it or face it, your life would finally move forward and feel easier?

Imagine what a relief it would be to get that box ticked, and to move ahead in your life.


Get Unstuck!

A 21 day 1:1 intensive programme


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I’m Neeta O’Keeffe, Transformative and Accountability Coach.

Over the last number of years, I’ve supported clients in getting beyond overwhelm and procrastination, so that they finally take consistent action and create long-lasting changes in their lives.

Maybe you lack the confidence to:

Take action towards doing something that fulfils you every day and can make you money

Communicate more effectively to improve those important relationships at home and at work

Make changes that stick to your diet and exercise

Be more assertive, less self-conscious, express yourself

Here are some examples of where clients have created improvements in their life:

  • Transformed relationships e.g. With a partner, child, work colleague
  • Left corporate work to start a business
  • Written a book
  • Increased vitality, motivation and ended unhealthy habits.
  • Increased confidence, assertiveness and stopped worrying about what people think

Now you’ll get the opportunity to receive real-time coaching support from me every day for 21 days to create change so that you can finally take action.

Whatever that thing is … I’m going to assist you with the strategies and support required to help you do what needs to be done and break through anything that’s holding you back.

Through transformative and accountability coaching, you’ll quickly experience a shift in overwhelm, confusion, procrastination and get out of your head and into action with confidence.


"Neeta has taken me on the journey of discovering what I've been seeking! By working with Neeta on a 4 week programme of realising my dream, on a scale of 0-10, I've managed to reach 10! I've done something that I'd been dreaming of for years but just wasn't getting round to doing it. Neeta, not only listened but also inspired me to get started and helped me to stay on track, which is extremely important as we all know. I highly recommend working with Neeta."

- Anjuli

“Before working with Neeta there were a lot of stressful situations in my life. I was worried about everything – the present and the future.As soon as we started I knew she was the right person to help me through the difficulties I was facing. By the end of our 21 days I could see my life more clearly. I am focused on what I want to achieve. I am more pro-active. I just get on and do! "

- Meg Calvert

Why will this programme work?

You may have tried other approaches...

You may have given up along the way...

You may have been afraid to begin...

This time it will be different



  • We'll create a simple step for you to focus on every day that will have the biggest impact on achieving your outcome.
  • You'll have me checking in and supporting you, every single day.
  • You'll start to see tangible results very quickly.
  • You'll receive tools and strategies real-time that are tailored for your precise situation
  • You'll get the benefit of my 14 + years of coaching experience


Jump ahead to just 21 days from now

Can you imagine the relief and the sense of achievement you’ll be feeling?

I can… and I’ll be celebrating with you.

Why take months to complete what I know you can complete in the space of 3 weeks with the right support 

Are you ready to start?

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If you're ready for things to be different, then join me in this practical and transformative programme.

This is How it Will Work 

Safe and Supportive. This is for committed women looking for personal attention and a programme personalised to your needs.

3 Individual 60 Minute Calls. We'll have private calls on Zoom or Skype and you'll have unlimited 15 minute calls if you get stuck or need additional support.

We kick off with a 60 minute vision call to get clear on your outcome.

A Free Facebook Group to Support You. A place to host videos and other resources.

This 21 Day Program is for you if you are...

Ready to have my continuous support, to break through what's blocking you and create the 1 shift you truly desire?

Ready to commit to taking simple, consistent actions for 21 days.

Ready to uplevel your confidence, courage, skills, accountability and anything else you need to succeed. 

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