About Neeta O'Keeffe

Life can be a place to thrive.

I want to help you learn how to get things done with clarity and ease, in a way that will bring a sense of relief and peace of mind.

Together, we’ll also explore how to go beyond that stage of relief and see what else is possible for you, to find that space within you where you thrive.

This space is where your clarity, creativity, and connection comes from, so you’ll look at how you can trust and use this space that is inside of you more often and make change that lasts.

Over 20 years, I fell into an unhealthy pattern of taking on too much. Have you done the same? This left me feeling overwhelmed, stressed, flat, and stuck. I would burn myself out and regularly get sick.

I was tired of feeling tired and stressed, and this sped-up life led to a cycle of burnout and eventually a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis.

MS stopped me in my tracks. I could finally see, for the first time, that my body was telling me to stop — and I knew I had to listen. I couldn’t ignore myself any longer.

That’s where the journey back to health and back to myself began.

I realised that life doesn’t happen to me but that life comes through me. My feelings and my body became a guiding light: a signal to tell me how busy my mind was getting. MS was the wake-up call, and now I listen to the wisdom of my body, not just my mind. I follow the signals, and I’m no longer operating on autopilot most of the time.

Neeta O'Keeffe

Neeta O'Keeffe

transformative coach

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