Last week a client said she’d heard the phrase “Be the Best Version of Yourself” and she felt overwhelmed by the idea.

I’ve heard that phrase over the years and at one time I loved it, and it was usually when I felt like I wasn’t good enough.

So, I’d go in search of new courses that would help me figure out what was missing in me and what I needed to add to fix myself.

Soon enough, I’d find that the fix was temporary and off I’d go in search of the next course. 

This seeking would always coincide with the times I was feeling insecure and was looking for answers on how to fix myself forever.


The real version

But when I heard that phrase last week, it really bothered me.

You see, I’ve realized that when I’m simply being myself, that’s the real me and the only version I need because that’s where all the answers lie.

When I’m being myself, I feel content, peaceful, confident because I’m not overthinking anything.

I know when to ask for help and when I can trust that I know what to do. I make decisions and take action more easily even when life feels tough.   


The busy mind that gets in the way 

When I’m feeling insecure, I lose sight of who I really am and that can send me off on a hunt to find something better if I allow it.

But now I know that my real self is simply hidden under the noise of a busy and cluttered mind and that noise creates an insecure feeling and that’s what’s really bothering me.

This insecure feeling will pass if I let it, if I allow myself to feel the upset rather than pushing it away or try to fix it. 


You have always been you

The real you was there when you were born and when you were 5, 15, 35 years old or however old you are now, you’ve never changed.  And no new version can trump that.  


What are you like when you feel comfortable with yourself?  Is there a need in those moments to find a better version?


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