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The Instant Pause – A one day city retreat

If you’re usually too busy to think about yourself, then taking time out for one day can be a gift: one day that makes a big impact.

The Instant Pause is one-day workshop designed for super busy people like you who need time to slow down and reflect.

Life is busier than ever, with plenty of distractions and many commitments to juggle. Slowing down probably seems counterproductive.

But breaking the fast pace of your busy life and slowing down your busy mind, can make all the difference in the world.

The Instant Pause is for you if …

  • you’d like to slow down your busy mind
  • you have a tendency to push through to get things done
  • you’re finding it difficult to make a decision
  • you’re feeling stuck or overwhelmed
  • you’re busy starting a new venture or a new role at work
  • you don’t listen to the signals your body sends you to tell you it needs care and attention
  • you’re finding it tiring to juggle the demands made on you
  • you want a break from the fast pace of your life
  • you would like to experience a different way of looking at your life
  • you simply want a day for yourself

The focus of the day could be on an area of your life that you’re not clear on or maybe you’re just feeling stuck or overwhelmed. We’ll work together in a simple and gentle way with the belief that you know what’s right for you; you’ll get the time and space to get some clarity on yourself and your life

The Instant Pause, created by Danielle Marchant, is structured around two sessions:

Morning:  You’ll gain insights while reviewing your year.

Afternoon: You’ll set an intention in a creative way for what’s next and bring yourself into balance.

Join me on The Instant Pause for a gentle, fun, and creative day that will leave you feeling inspired, confident, clear, restored … and will bring a change in perspective on your life.

“The Instant Pause is a creative, enlightening and fun way of taking stock, evaluating the past and embracing the future.”

“The Instant Pause allowed me to step away from my daily chores for a few hours and consider the bigger picture. Reflecting on my recent past and visualizing my future has helped me feel more in control of my life.”

“This was such a relaxing way to learn a lot about myself, see the positives in my life and teach me that I should take a step back so that I can see and appreciate this.”

Where and When

25th November 2017, 9.30-4.30pm

The Bakehouse Theatre, London SE3 9LA

The Bakehouse Theatre is a beautiful space in Blackheath, accessed via the driveway off Bennett Park and at the rear of Age Exchange. It is located opposite the Blackheath mainline train station in South East London, which is a 12-minute train ride from London Bridge station. There is paid parking at the Blackheath station car park.

The Investment

Price: GBP 105 until 1st November

(Regular price GBP 129)


– One-Day Workshop

– Lunch

– Refreshments

Thriving Women

A meeting for women on the last Thursday of each month.

Thriving Women is a safe, non-judgmental space for women to connect, share, support and learn. Facilitated by me, Neeta O’Keeffe, a coach, counsellor and teacher of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction.

Each month, we’ll meet to connect with each other, to discuss, ask questions and gain a new perspective.

We’ll look at the well being within each of us that is always present, even when we are dealing with challenges in our life, such as:

  • stress
  • anxiety
  • worry
  • guilt
  • an over-active or busy mind
  • lack of confidence
  • loneliness
  • relationships
  • change
  • your sense of who you are outside the lives of your partner and children

We’ll have a different kind of discussion, looking beyond these issues to see what else is possible — to find the space within to thrive.

Bring your questions and share your experiences.

Thriving Women takes place the last Thursday of each month, 9.30 am to 11 am at Mycenae House, 90 Mycenae Road, London Se3 7SE.

Price £5 includes tea, coffee and light snacks.

For more information about Thriving Women, please email me at

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