Three-Day Intensive

A retreat for the mind

It's time for you to slow down.

Create space, and deepen your understanding of how life works.

Most of my work is with people like you: high achievers who want to do it all. Busy executives or busy mothers, people with many ideas, who want to do lots of different things, and who also have many demands placed on them.

They function at this level for as long as they can and then something happens that stops them. They get overwhelmed, stressed, burnt out or sick.

Does this sound familiar? If so, a 3-day intensive may be the respite you need from the speed of life.

In the 3-day intensive, we work together to shift a fundamental misunderstanding about where our experience of life comes from.

Why is this important?

Because this misunderstanding leads us to believe that the dissatisfaction we feel abut our life will be fixed by getting something, changing our circumstances, changing ourself or someone else: for example ,a new job, a holiday, less stress, a new partner.

Seeing through this misunderstanding is a game changer and leads to … space … a quiet mind … inspiration … possibility … peace… productivity with ease.

People who take an intensive usually:

  • ​Have a sense that there’s more to life
  • Feel overworked, tired but want more than just a break
  • Might be feeling like they are drifting through life
  • Have tried everything else and are ready to look in a new direction
  • Don’t have the time or want to travel abroad to attend an intensive

How does it work and what typically happens?

  • We meet for three days to look at your life and what you want. This is followed by 3 coaching sessions and email support
  • We look at the game changer: the principles behind state of mind
  • We look at how you can operate from a very different place,  one that leads to inspiration, possibility, peace and productivity with ease
  • Learn to fall in love with your life

Please schedule a complimentary 15 minute Thrive call with me, if you're interested in seeing how I can help you.

Other ways we can work together ...

1:1 Coaching

Group Workshops

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