Do you trust the wisdom running through you? 

How often do you pay close attention to nature?  Do you feel a part of the same system that knows how and when to grow a seed into a plant?  Until two years ago I felt separate to nature.  I’d always been aware of its beauty and in awe of it but I hadn’t paid much attention to how it worked.


Who knew growing chilli seeds could be life changing?

It wasn’t until my youngest son decided to grow chilli seeds he’d collected from a popular Mexican restaurant that I became interested in something that I had taken for granted.

I looked at the packets of seeds and they looked old… I was convinced very little would grow but if we were lucky maybe one or two seeds would sprout.

After planting seeds in 10 pots we watered them and waited.  A week later I was shocked.  Nearly every single seed had sprouted and I wondered how those old, shriveled up seeds were able to grow.


Seeing the intelligence behind all living beings

Over the next few months, the plants grew and produced some gorgeous looking and very tasty chilies.  I realized I hadn’t really paid attention to the power of nature and the intelligence or life force that runs through it.

I could see that this intelligence is a part of all of nature and it is guided by a wisdom that is universal.

I also realized that while I accepted this intelligence was a part of all living beings in nature, up until that point, I didn’t think it applied to me.

Now I see that the same intelligence or life force runs through me and you and all living beings.


I am nature and so are you.

How has this insight helped me?

  • I can see that although I think I’m in control or feel the need to be in control most of the time, my body and mind seem to know exactly what needs to be done to function well.
  • My body and mind have their own natural healing power. This has helped me enormously to deal with a health issue (mild M.S.).  I know when to listen to my body and the signals it’s sending me.  I also notice the impact my state of mind has on my symptoms and I also know when to ask the professionals for help.
  • Just like a cut heals by itself, my mind settles down all by itself…if I let it and don’t meddle with it. In our society, we seem to have a need to not be okay with feeling low. Or we want to access states of peak performance for as long as possible.  It’s exhausting, unsustainable and continually points us outside of ourselves for the answers. What if we trusted the wisdom running through us?



Do you see yourself as having the same intelligence that resides within all living things?  How would this realization change your perspective on areas of your life you find stressful and worry about a lot?


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